Welcome to The Magic Planet

Hi! I'm "planet" Jane Auman and I'm an anime blogger. Here you'll find some useful links to the various places my work is hosted around the web, as well as commission info and a few other things.

Magic Planet Anime - My primary writing outlet. Independently owned and operated, the very best in anime commentary, from me to you.

The Geek Girl Authority - I've been GGA's primary anime contributor for a few years now. Give my writing tag a peruse, if you please.

Twitter - My primary social media outlet, and where my "live watches", where I watch an anime and tweet about it while doing so, take place. Feel free to shoot me questions here or on Curious Cat.

I offer review commissions! Consider commissioning me to review your favorite anime (or your least favorite!) if you want to show support and get a tangible reward in return.

If you want to commission a review, DM me on Twitter with the lead line "Commission Request", or email me at [email protected] with "Commission Request" in the subject line. But read the Guide below first!

Commission Guide Spreadsheet - A list of prices, policies, disclaimers, and what's currently in the queue!

If you're willing and able, you can support me financially in the following ways:

Ko-Fi - Quite simple! One time donations, of however much you want, whenever you want.
Patreon - For recurring monthly donations.